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Auto lifting machine is the automobile maintenance industry for automobile lifting equipment. Lifting machine in automobile maintenance plays a crucial role, regardless of the vehicle overhaul, repair and maintenance, are inseparable from it, the nature of the product and quality directly affect safety of maintenance personnel. Maintenance and maintenance of various types of enterprises, whether it is the maintenance of a variety of models of integrated class repair plant, or business scope of a single street shop (such as tire shop), almost all equipped with a lift.

The lifting machine in accordance with the function and shape: single column, double column, four column, scissors.
According to the function can be divided into four round positioning type and flat plate;

According to the occupied space can be divided into different land type and tibetan;

More on the lifting machine without trenching applicable to any repair factory, have some floor is not suitable for installation two pillar lifting machine and normal 4-column lifting machine, and the machine and the floor contact wide, which can be mounted in any can drive the floor above, the solution to the customer site. Scissors type lifting machine benefits maximum ratio of two column and column lifting machine is no occupied space, convenient use, shortcomings is fill oil balance requirements are very strict, and be equipped with a control box, and the cost is expensive.