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Small shear type lifting machine

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  • Brand:    宝鼎
  • Type:    BDT-730H
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BDT-730H cutting machine
This machine is suitable for lifting of a variety of small vehicles under 3 tons of the total weight. Suitable for production line, automatic line of goods between the height difference between the delivery, the material on the line, the workpiece assembly and other lifting operations.
Function characteristic:
1 according to the international standard design, beautiful appearance and easy to meet the requirements of the public
2 hidden installation, after using up height, flush with the ground, does not occupy a position so that the workshop workshop, the ground clean, no obstacle
3 hydraulic leveling system to ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position
4 the whole travel mechanism, safe and simple operation
5 high safety device, protect the machine is not damaged
6 all active points using automatic lubricating oil bearing, ensure the long life
Noise: less than 80dB (A)
Environmental requirements:
1 working temperature: 0 degree ~+40 degree
2 relative humidity: temperature +30 degrees
3 relative humidity: 80%
4 transportation, storage temperature: -5 degrees ~+40 degrees
5 use the altitude: not more than 2000m
Electrical parameters:
1 click (optional): 2.2kw
2 voltage: according to customer demand can be matched with different voltage motor
3 single phase 220V/50Hz
4 three phase 380V/50HZ
Hydraulic device:
Maximum working pressure: 28MPa
Pneumatic device:
Working pressure: 5kgf/cm (Ping Fang)
Installation requirements:
1 lifting machine can only be installed on a concrete slab, the minimum thickness of concrete is 250mm, and there is a minimum of 7 days of fixed time
2 the basic strength of concrete slab must reach 3000PSI (21MPa) above
3 the level of concrete floor slab is not greater than 5mm
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