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Auto lift machine manufacturers on the four wheel alignment adjustment method

2015/7/27      view:
Lift car manufacturers introduced four wheel positioning device positioning adjustment method: before doing the positioning adjustment, first with a steering wheel lock the steering wheel is fixed horizontally, to lift the lifting machine to adjust the appropriate height, the lift lock in the horizontal position of the security. Adjust the four sensors to the level, and then operate the positioning device to enter the positioning adjustment operation. Adjustment program will display of vehicle rear axle parameters measured value, if the vehicle rear axle parameters is adjustable (most of the vehicle rear axle alignment parameters are not adjusted), adjusted with reference to the data displayed on the screen, the screen display data will show the current adjusted parameter data at any time. The rear axle positioning parameter adjustment is finished, press F3 to enter the front steps. Front axle camber adjusted in accordance with the structure of the chassis of the vehicle can be divided into two kinds, one is need to lift the front to front axle wheel suspension can adjust the angle; another one is not required to front axle take-up can adjust the angle.