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The origin of the auto lift machine and development

2015/7/27      view:

Car and history tells us that the origin of the lifting machine, invented the first automatic lifting machine was inspired by the barber's chair, because it can quick lifting and rotation, so as to adapt to the customers in different height and fat. Early type hydraulic lifting machine, single column foundation is greatly raised earlier than it was jack and the function of the platform, the early lifting machine can rotate function after lifting the car, the rotate 360 °. Maybe you often go to a car repair shop, still take advantage of the lifting machine to provide daily vehicle maintenance and repair services, most of the lifting machine has worked for 75 years.

With the development of automobile industry, single-column limitations soon emerge in the design of the lifting machine. If only tested around the car maintenance work, the lifting machine will be enough, but the boom of the lifting machine and the central pillar interfere with into the bottom of the car most of the area. These limitations for single-column lifting machine, engineers have put forward many lifting machine design scheme and a lot of improvement. Now, the choice of the lifting machine range is very large, with the foundation type, push-up, scissors, parallel quadrilateral form, portable, single column type, double column type hydraulic press, four-column type, drive type, contact the truck type, symmetric and asymmetric type, small stroke, large lift, queue, and other various lifting machine design scheme. Some lifting machines may have several features of these design at the same time.