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Four column type lifting machine

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  • Brand:    宝鼎
  • Type:    BDT-4-40W
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BDT-4-40W type four wheel positioning lift
Function and characteristics
1 cable pipe all hidden, beautiful appearance
2 according to the international standard design, accord with CE certification requirements
3 double hydraulic cylinder drive, stable and stable
4 the whole process of insurance claw machinery insurance
5 manual decline, easy to operate
6 using two cables connected synchronously, forced slide move simultaneously, effectively prevent the inclination of vehicle
7 minimum lifting height is 230mm
8 with broken rope machinery insurance
9 deck space adjustable, suitable for all kinds of track vehicle
10 wheelbase within a certain range can be adjusted
Noise: less than 80dB (A)
Environmental requirements:
1 working temperature: -5 degrees ~+40 degrees
2 relative humidity: temperature +30 degrees
3 relative humidity: 80%
4 transportation, storage temperature: -5 degrees ~+40 degrees
5 use the altitude: not more than 2000m
Electrical parameters:
1 click (optional): 2.2kw
2 voltage: according to customer demand can be matched with different voltage motor
3 single phase 110V/60Hz
4 single phase 200V/60Hz
5 three phase 380V/50HZ
Hydraulic device:
1 working pressure: 16MPa
Installation requirements:
1 lifting machine can only be installed on a concrete slab, the minimum thickness of concrete is 250mm, and there is a minimum of 7 days of fixed time
2 concrete slab should be reinforced
3 coagulation and plate must be horizontal
4 the basic strength of concrete slab must reach 3000PSI (21MPa) above
5 the front and back of the lifting machine should be left with enough space to accommodate all vehicles (lifting machine distance of the wall is greater than 1 meters, height is greater than 3.85 meters)
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