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Double column car lift

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  • Brand:    宝鼎
  • Type:    BDT-2-35A
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Double column lifting machine reason why it is popular due to the lifting of the machine set up soon, and I don't need a wide range of excavation, also do not need the overall layout of plant maintenance some permanent changes, the double column car lift also has the function of diversity, a double column lifting contact frame type lifting machine almost can be used to carry out maintenance work of all the cars. The bottom for the layout of the double column double cylinder hydraulic lifting machine cantilever and the contact pad, the maintenance workers can easily enter the car, the car in operation and maintenance. Therefore, almost all major lifting machine manufacturers are producing at least one type of double column lifting machine.
BDT-2-35A series double column lifting machine
SBA+ features and features
1 cable pipe all hidden, beautiful appearance
2 according to the international standard design, accord with the concept of human machine
3 infrared to prevent the impact of red top insurance, the effective protection of the vehicle is not to be touched bad
4 double hydraulic cylinder drive, stable and stable
5 full solenoid mechanical insurance, safe and reliable
6 using two cables connected synchronously, forced slide move simultaneously, effectively prevent the inclination of vehicle
7 with overload insurance
8.MWS system: stroke calculation + maintenance alarm
9 optional digital red gun
10 box with toolbox, beautiful and practical
11 according to the international standard design, accord with CE certification requirements
12 cable pipe full cover, beautiful appearance
13 with the whole process of electromagnet insurance, security is high
14 double hydraulic cylinder drive, chain, sprocket drive, stable
15 chain, sprocket gap in home improvement protective cover, protection of vehicle maintenance personnel safety
16 the two cables connected, forced two slide move simultaneously, effectively prevent the inclination of vehicle
Noise: less than 80dB (A)
Environmental requirements:
1 working temperature: -5 degrees ~+40 degrees
2 relative humidity: temperature +30 degrees
3 relative humidity: 80%
4 transportation, storage temperature: -5 degrees ~+40 degrees
5 use the altitude: not more than 2000m
Electrical parameters:
1 click (optional): 2.2kw
2 voltage: according to customer demand can be matched with different voltage motor
3 single phase 220V, 50Hz
4 three phase 380V, 50HZ
Hydraulic device:
1.235 series working pressure: 16MPa
2.240 series working pressure: 18MPa
Installation requirements:
1 lifting machine can only be installed on the concrete slab, the minimum thickness of concrete is 250mm
2 and 7 days of minimum fixed time
3 concrete slab should be reinforced
4 coagulation and plate must be horizontal
5 the basic strength of concrete slab must reach 3000PSI (21MPa) above
6 the lifting machine should be left with enough space to accommodate all the vehicles (from the center line to about 3.6m).
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