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What are the working sequence of the double column lifting machine

2015/7/27      view:
What are the working order of the double column lifting machine, this according to the different types of devices, some run according to the fixed program, engineering machinery operating mechanism more than general manual, with manual multiple directional control valve control.
1, the implementing agencies the sequential action of the stroke control. When the working part moves to a certain position, the electric stroke switch sends electrical signals, to the electromagnet push electromagnetic valve or direct compression stroke valve to control the subsequent action.
2, the use of the diversion valve, which can make the oil flow of the two hydraulic cylinders are equal, but also to the two cylinder back to the same amount of oil, so that the hydraulic cylinder is synchronized;
3, in order to meet the needs of the flow of two hydraulic cylinders, this circuit is;
4, shunt valve also can only guarantee the speed synchronization, synchronization accuracy is generally 2-5%;
5, press the rise of the two hydraulic cylinder synchronous rise, the hydraulic cylinder to the upper limit position of the stroke switch valve to change, to achieve the system unloading.