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Composite scissors type lifting machine product features

2015/7/27      view:
Composite scissors type lifting machine features
1, each lifting machine with a small shear, the same as the main shear of the hydraulic balance control, the maximum lifting height of 400mm.
2, can configure the four round of high precision positioning. The main auxiliary cylinder of the hydraulic way to ensure the balance of the system, with the following advantages:
No connecting rod, comfortable working, no obstacles, the distance between the running board can be adjusted at will.
3, the minimum height of the machine is only 220mm, can be ground to reduce the cost of installation.
4, can be detected by the photoelectric switch lifting balance, can guarantee the safety of vehicles.
5, all the equipment on the cylinder are installed in the explosion-proof valve, to prevent the failure of the cylinder suddenly dropped to ensure the safety of the body.