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For new recruits, the company will be based on job characteristics and different skills and cultural training. Human resources department issued standard flow system, organization of professional trainer team, development has for courses, for new employees of basic knowledge, product knowledge, professional building, corporate culture all aspects of training.
With the basic skills and career direction, the company will be based on the individual's ability to perform in the work of the trend, the initial planning a personal career development plan. For R & D personnel, the company provides a technical expert, technology executives dual channel development path. Technical experts main technology development and innovation, to solve technical problems; technology executives good grasp the direction of the project and product planning, lead the team to finish the development task; similarly, for customer service staff, marketing staff, the company also provides business direction, the direction of management of two kinds of talents cultivation direction.
Is about to break down into the core of the business, professional quality, professional quality, leadership quality three points, to the right people to impose different training methods. Such as through the tutorial system, so that the same type of personnel training, rapid increase. Talents in the main technical route, through technical training, the actual project experience accumulation, technology learning, continue to strengthen technical talents job skills and proud achievement sense; for walking management technology route of talent, and accumulated considerable technical ability, company will be training the lead the production team, the leadership of project operation with customers, market communication with colleagues and other, the accumulation of its projects and products in the ability to control, and constantly improve its leadership.
Above career development planning is not fixed by selecting, training, the appointment, use, closed loop to improve the education process, companies and individuals constantly adjust career development direction, so that companies and individuals to select the optimal path of development.